A horror story in Nightmare Fuel 2022: Objects of horror

I’ve got exciting news to share. My horror story Sacrasenia has been published, so you can all read it now. It’s in the Nightmare Fuel 2022: Objects of horror anthology.

It’s one of my longer stories, 6453 words. In this story, Arvik is looking for his missing sister Antalla. He stumbles upon a commune that does everything in its power to keep a terrible secret hidden. Will Arvik and Antalla escape from the claws of the commune?

The anthology contains 15 horror stories about ordinary objects with a terrifying twist. The book has been published by Cloaked Press and it’s available as an ebook and paperback via Amazon. Click on the links to go to the webstore.

You can read stories from:

  • Teel James Glenn – The Apparition
  • Hanna Kate – Wireless
  • Gina Easton – Heebie-Jeebies
  • Derek Munk – The Shrunken Head
  • Glenn Dungan – Mr. Mongo’s Fanciful Elixer
  • M. J. McClymont – Tattie Bogle
  • Elizabeth Guilt – Jessica
  • Nancy Pica Renken – The Alternative-To-Candy Halloween House
  • Jim Mountfield – The Chimes
  • Barend Nieuwstraten III – Dead Man’s Crown
  • Eowen Valk – Sacrasenia
  • Cheryl Zaidan – And Good Dreams Will Come To You
  • Sarah LaPalme – The Mirror of Bokor
  • Viktory Witherkeigh – The Cost
  • Frederick Pangbourne – Jo-Jo

I’m happy Sacrasenia found a nice place because I like this story. I had a lot of fun writing it. I also have a bio on the Cloaked Press website, which you can find under Meet our author family. Can’t wait to read the other stories. My author copy will get a nice spot in my bookcase.

Eowen Valk

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